Looking for a very small kitchen table with at least two (but up to four) chairs. Can be a little rough but needs to be reasonable sturdy.
I am looking for a washer and dryer. I moved into a public housing apartment in February and there is a washer/dryer hookup right in my unit, but I had been doing laundry at the laundromat until a few weeks ago when my car went to the junkyard. It is a small space and I don't need anything fancy, but it would be a great convenience. A friend brought over a nice front-loader set but the space wa...
Posting for two men who live in Transitional Housing after becoming homeless. They are working, and getting on their feet but are in need of fall and winter clothing. Hoping for military and carhart style clothing as these are durable and in high quantity. Any help for these young men is appreciated. M, L, XXL shirt jacket hoodie Pants 34-38 waist, 29-30 length Boots and shoes 8.5 men's and 9.5...
I m looking for a vacuum that will work for carpet cleaning and a rug. Thank you in advance
looking for reringable chevy 350
Our neighborhood commmunity mower gave out and we are looking for one in working condition that someone you don't want to push around anymore. 549-1051
looking for a smaller propane fridge for a food cart. non profit supported so tax write off may be applicable
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